Everyday I walk into Montanova, I smile and realize how fortunate I am to be boarding my horse there. Jennifer has a professional, caring and fun staff of individuals that go above and beyond for the horses and the boarders. They have built a culture of family, friendship, and respect for one another as well as having the best horsemanship programs in the area. I can’t imagine boarding Eddie anywhere else!
— Nancy

I had kept my horse at home for decades. When I decided to move to the east coast I had to give up this option and find someone who could provide the same (or better) level of care to my high-maintenance Thoroughbred. I had visited several barns, but when I visited Montanova and met Jennifer Jones, I knew I had found the right place for me and my horse. I have been with Jennifer for ten years and my horse has had several life-threatening illnesses. Jennifer has pulled him through all of them. I trust her judgment regarding decisions involving my horse and appreciate how closely she works with our veterinarian.

The barn is wonderful.....full of children, ponies, horses, and horse-loving adults. I have enjoyed watching several kids mature and go off to college. I love over hearing the youngest children talk about learning to ride and their ponies. The summer camps and after-school programs give children a chance to learn and grow. There is nothing better to boost the confidence of a child than learning how to control a large animal. It can be life changing.

The trails that can be accessed from Montanova are the best! One of the reasons I moved to the east coast was to ride in this kind of countryside. We have trails on the mountainside, through the woods, and in open fields.....something for everyone.

The best decision I made after moving to Virginia was to board my horse at Montanova Stables with Jennifer Jones.
— Sandy

Keen began her riding lessons at Montanova when she was 6 years old, during one of the summer camp sessions. She immediately fell in love with the process of learning all about horses and exercising good horsemanship. Over the years, she has continued her lessons with Jennifer, and loved the challenges that present themselves weekly during her time spent at the barn. One of her favorite activities was participating in the mentor program, and helping as a mentor to younger riders at summer camp sessions this past summer.

Jennifer has a very special way in which she incorporates valuable life lessons in to the barn culture...and that carries over into other areas in the student’s lives, after the lessons have ended.

We are so happy with Montanova Stables, and so grateful that we found Jennifer, and her program! It has been a very positive influence in Keen’s life.
— Kathy

I found Montanova Stables Foundation through word of mouth after moving to the area. I was looking for a barn to take lessons at to get back into riding as I did when I was younger. I was immediately impressed with the facility and the beauty of the area. Taking lessons from Jennifer has helped me build up my confidence getting back into the saddle. I’ve even started jumping again! Everyone has been very friendly and welcoming. It’s been great to get into horse scene again and be a part of what brought me such joy when I was young.
— Jene